Bloom is a stunning range of floral photographic cards designed and published by Icon. A sophisticated set of studio-shot floral portraits which capture the natural beauty and sculptural lines of flowers. The use of complementary backgrounds and studio lighting creates a rich, decadent and sumptuous colour palette. The end result is graphic fine art imagery which also manages to remain soft and gentle.  

The Bloom collection of cards has been designed to complement the selection of floral photography. The colour palette from the shoot has been extended to the back of the cards and used in conjunction with a subtle, ghosted detail of the front image. An elegant Didone serif font has been chosen for the Bloom collection name and the cards have been matched with a silver envelope. The end result is a beautiful range of cards that are a pleasure to send and can be used for a multitude of occasions such as thinking of you, birthday, sympathy, love, anniversary, friendship… a really great versatile option to keep in your card draw, just in case.

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