Exposure: B&W

Exposure: B&W is a range of black and white photographic cards designed and published by Icon. Retro photographic images of bizarre animals, comical characters and humorous moments all shot on film and reflecting the timeless essence of a bygone era. There is an intangible quality to images captured on film before the advent of the digital camera and the smartphone, that is both alluring and instantly recognisable. It’s like the difference between streaming and playing vinyl; there is a warmth that is difficult to describe and which cannot be replicated with digital technology.

Much of the photography is sourced from pre-internet newspaper archives, illustrating photojournalism and advertising in the '60s and '70s, long before the advent of stock image libraries. It provides an opportunity to look back with nostalgia at the way things used to be. Reproduced in black and white on a coated silk matt board, which has been selected to replicate the finish of silver gelatine prints and paired with a simple white envelope. The end result is a classic collection of retro photographic cards which is easy to send to any age and for most occasions. 

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