world's happiest photograph

When Melissa and Jackson Brandts sat down to pose by the lake's edge to pop off a self-timed photograph as a souvenir of their Canadian holiday, little did they realise they were about to create the World's Happiest Photograph.

This idyllic and romantic scene was made famous by the flagrant photo-bomb from the brazen prairie dog, and according to a survey of 2000 people, it was judged to be the happiest image ever. And look, it's even happier, (and less annoyingly chirpy), than that "Happy" song. So what makes it so happy?.....Just look at them! Smiling faces, awesome scenery, cute rodents and an instant capture of that unexpected moment of surprise.What's not to like? According to some psychology boffins, those are the four key ingredients to making us all swoon with delight and glee.

new ninja

So now we're all filled with endorphins and our feel good factor is through the roof, don't let the feeling go. If this image floats your boat, and scientifically speaking, it really should, then I bet you'd just love to get hold of it so you can spread an little happiness to all the people in your life. So - would Icon, your trusty old fun factory of a greeting card publisher have it in their humour packed portfolio? Of course we's the world's happiest photograph! It's what we do!!

This image has been a worthy member of our Colour Exposure range for years now, we call him the ninja chipmunk, although strictly speaking, he's a North American prairie dog, who are renowned for being particularly inquisitive and extremely tame, especially when the little opportunists hang out around the tourist hot-spots looking all small and adorable!

So why not put a smile on someone's face by giving them the world's happiest photograph, you can get it on the Icon online shop here.

World's Happiest Photograph!

Posted: June 24 / 2015

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