Type is everywhere. You're probably aware that there are certain people on this earth who have an interest in letters and the way they are put together to create type. These people are called anoraks.

But if it weren't for these people, you'd be amazed how different, and chaotic, the world would look. The objective of typography is to communicate with a target audience - to create text that has legibility and readability, but also has an aesthetic and style to complement and enhance the message. When successful the result is subliminal communication as well as literal.

We like a bit of good type here at Icon, and our house font has the roll-off-the-tongue name of Akzidenz Grotesk, and originates from the German Berthold Foundry in 1896 as one of the earliest sans serif faces (grotesque). In our humble opinion it is the superior and more sophisticated big brother of the world's most ubiquitous typeface, Helvetica, a face which so divides opinion in the world of typography that it's even had a film made about it....one to put on your "must see" list - no really!

So, in an homage to the art of typography, and a love of good humour too, we created Lyric greeting cards.

We took some genuinely funny quotes and arranged them with minute attention to detail, in Akzidenz-Grotesk into a preset layout and set about kerning, leading and adjusting line length to perfection. Lyric is a modern example of purist typography used in a highly commercial product and although often unnoticed, the careful placement of the type results in a collectible range of greeting cards, if you're into that kind of thing....and who isn't?

Embrace your inner anorak...view our Lyric typographic greeting cards here in a new, informed light.


Typography cards

Posted: September 13 / 2012

Who knew typography could be funny....

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