We all know that the colour of a product's packaging has a significant impact on brand awareness, but last week it was made official. The giants of chocolate, Cadbury's and Nestle went head-to-head in a legal battle over the exclusive use of Pantone 2685C, or as it's more widely known as, the Cadbury purple, and Cadbury won.

Nestle challenged the ruling that one company could not have exclusive use of a colour as a trademark, but after 4 years of wrangling, Judge Colin Birss of the High Court declared that Cadbury's were entitled to claim the colour as a property and intrinsic element to their core products after 90 years of use in the packaging of their Dairy Milk bars, saying, "The evidence clearly supports a finding that purple is distinctive of Cadbury for milk chocolate."

So next time you see a particular colour orange and think of mobile phones, or if a courier company springs to mind when you spot a specific shade of brown, take a second to give a respectful nod to those clever brand developement people in their swanky glass offices, they really know what they're doing.

But that's enough of the creative and legal rambling's let's get back to the chocolate, if you're a lover of the good stuff, have a break, and take a look at all our chocolate greeting cards.

Pantone wars

Posted: October 12 / 2012

A chocolate fight...

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