On this very day of October 5th 1905, the intrepid, ground-breaking and coin toss winner, Wilbur Wright bravely took the controls of the prototype aeroplane Wright Flyer III and kept it airborne for a record-breaking flight of 24 miles in 39 minutes.

The Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville were American pioneers of aviation engineering and were the inventors of the first fixed-wing controllable aeroplane, after many years of painstaking research, mind-bending equations and terrifying test flights. The brothers from Ohio had a passion for anything mechanical and earned their skills from an early age tinkering with bicycles and later printing presses, and with thorough and diligent development, they created a fundamental solution of aeronautical design which is still used today.

Once they had cracked man's elusive dream of flight, they kept their secret flying machine under wraps and no further flights were made until they had secured orders for further development and ultimate manufacture of the Wright Flyer to the US army. The brothers went on to found the Wright Company which opened the first pilot school and operated the first commercial air cargo flights. In addition, being canny businessmen, they negotiated patents and royalties on the sale of every one of their aircraft, thus catapulting them into the financial big time, and they also became the A-list celebs of their day, high flyers indeed.

So it's thanks to the inquisitive minds of Orville and Wilbur, that  in little over 100 years, the world has seen a revolution in aviation and air travel is the most popular and efficient modes of travelling the world.

And in an homage to the Wright brothers, we have this brilliant card in our colour photography range Exposure called Dare Devils.

Chocks away!


Dare Devils

Posted: October 5 / 2012

Those magnificent men in their flying machine...

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