dalmatian dude

Whether you are one, know one or aspire to be one, we all know what a dude is; effortlessly cool, purposely placed on the periphery of fashion, attractively aloof and downright annoyingly perfect at everything. We like nothing better than immortalising these guys on a card, young dudes, old dudes, vintage dudes and even naked dudes. But Icon's cool animal greeting cards feature the coolest of the cool from the animal world.

Our cool animal greeting cards make stars of our pets; cats, dogs, plus a sheep here and there, but what makes them so successful? Is it the moody and indignant stare of humiliation, or are they just huge show-offs and instinctively know how to pull off the enigmatic aloofness of dudeism. And how do they manage this? Simply by plonking a pair of sunglasses on your nose of course! We just love to see animals doing the things that us humans do and that's the simple nature behind the success of Icon's cool animal greeting cards.

lazy day

But of course, there's nothing less cool than someone trying to be cool....epic fail. Isn't life cruel though, that we should want to be socially impressive to others and if we don't make some unknown God of Cool's grade then we're sad and smirk-worthy, when the truth is, even the cool elite are probably just as dorky and bumbling as the rest of us! Have a look at some of the other cool animal greeting cards from Icon.

Cool Animal greeting cards

Posted: March 13 / 2015

Not just cool for cats....

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